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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
If we differ, it could be because I enjoy a lot of commercial music, eg. Madonna, Anastacia, B52s, Coldplay, etc as well as Steely Dan, Captain Beefheart, Uncle Frank, Crimson, Mahavishnu ....
Interesting... because it seems like we're arguing the opposite points. You like commercial bands and I don't yet it felt like you were saying that commercialism is bad (maybe i misunderstood) and I was saying it makes sense. :)
Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
The thing that bugs many of us is that record companies shape people's tastes in the same way as the media shapes people's opinions. It means that too often there's no room at the top for the cream to rise because there are all these cookie-cutter acts pushed by the companies in the way.
Point taken. You're right. That is a problem with the industry... there isn't room for the good performers to move up with all the crap at the top based all on image and not at all on talent. So really the problem is more about the music industry's implentation of Pop, not pop (or commercial music) or the artists.
So we've worked out that maybe it isn't the artists fault? and That maybe there's nothing wrong with writing music geared toward an audience or demographic as long as its done well... but maybe its the record companies corruption of the art that causes so much crap to get played.

PS: I heard this band "Hollywood Undead" last night and they seem to be a perfect example of the raprock I was talking about earlier. They're rap artists that teamed up with rock musicians and instrumentation to create a very interesting sound... I am trying to find more examples of this besides the well known bands like 311, linkin park, beastie boys etc. that use rock instrumentations with a hip-hop and rap influence in the vocals. If anyone else knows any good current bands that do this, please let me know... I might be able to get into rockrap or rapcore even if i can't stand rap or hip hop usually. It definatley seems like a great way to bridge the gap between rock fans and rap fans and to give a fresh breath to both genres.
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