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Default Re: Tony Royster Jr.

Originally Posted by SGT_Drummer View Post
Well first off thank you DB for providing the link to the actual Tony Royster Jr. thread. Now, to reiterate what i said in the other post.

I have been following Tony for a few years now. When I saw the solo when he was 12 for the first time I was completely floored. Recently I did some youtube searches to see if he had anything new. Now, as I'm writing this from memory I don't know exactly when some of these videos were recorded, much less how old he was at the time. But I can definitely see an amazing improvement. If you thought he was good at 12, watch his videos on the Drum Channel (on youtube and also have a stand-alone site). The only 2 from the Drum Channel I have seen are a drum jam with his mentor Dennis Chambers (this one is good, but not my favorite) and the other is his playing a song live. (it's ind of hard to describe, not elevator music, but not industrial, iuno lol) This second video is hands down the single greatest drum video I have ever seen. He does this ridiculous long single stroke roll that while at first glance appears easy, watching closer shows reveals just how hard it is to pull off (like i said, single stroke, no buzz, no double bounce, all single hits) It's also got several time signature changes where he slows it down and then breaks right back into the beat. oh my god, it's thats ridiculous. search drum channel or tony royster on youtube to find it. everyone should watch this video IMO.

my second comment is one that i expect will cause a little controversy, but it's a thought i want to explore a little bit for the sake of discussion. i feel, based on Tony's drum history and natural ability to play, that he is hands down the new Buddy Rich. Buddy is known as the father of modern drumming, the man who really started it all, and is considered the greatest drummer of all time, as he should be. However, since his death no one has come to the drum scene, IMO, with the ability, the personality, or the creativeness to really expand drumming and what drumming actually is. Noone until Tony. Other videos I have watched from Tony of his playing, his teaching, his practicing show a continual path towards greatness. Simply watching some of the things he pulls off has opened my mind to different things in songs, that I haven't really seen brought up before. He takes playing styles and ideal from other drummers, plays them as is, and then plays them better, all before then expanding said concept and blowing your mind. No one that I have watched or listened too, have blown me away as consistently as Tony has. Hands down, best drummer alive. Once again, IN MY OPINION, which is also open for debate.

Funny part is, he's not even my favorite drummer. He's up there, but not the top.
yea, same with me, he's not my favorite drummer. i definitely agree with you that this guy has changed the modern world of drumming. ive watched every youtube video of him that exists. i really don't know what to think of him...whatever he is, i suggest that everyone continue keeping an eye on this guy, even though he's not a 12 yr. old prodigy anymore. sit back and watch; take it in.
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