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Default Re: Monday night in Ottawa.

Originally Posted by Gretsch09 View Post
Great story dude! I remember one time I was playing a show in Chicago at this place that we had played a few times before. A friend of my bass players' sister came up on stage and sat on my lap during a song just like you! How ever, I wasn't playing my kit that night and the guy who owned it was pissed! He was like, "get that chick off my $600 snare drum!!!" I'll never forget that night. Good times rockin'!
Thanks for sharing too! I'm happy I was using my kit and didn't have to deal with someone else freaking out over their gear, (mind you, the sound guy wasn't too impressed with the pint of beer that ended up directly in one of the monitors!). I'm just always amazed at how you really never know how a gig is going to turn out and that a night we had pretty much written off up until the point when that guy came in, turned into something so memorable.

Originally Posted by freebirdgdw View Post
Epic story dude. Bet you had a class night lol!!!
Not 100% familiar with the term "class night", but I will assume you are indicating that I had a great night, which I did. Even though my story has elements of PG-13, I must remind myself once again, this is a family show and end it at that.
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