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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Yes, some music, like GG, is very much of its time and once the era passes it's mostly forgotten unless there's a retro movement.

It wil be interesting to see what happens when the current crop of superstars who are in their 60s and still performing (at over $100 per ticket) get too old to play. What will fill the void?
I think that's the thing about current pop... well most pop... a lot of pop stars are one hit wonders or don't have that lasting characteristic so I don't know if i can see a lot of the pop stars lasting that long... There may be a few from each generation that last and they are not necessarily the BEST...
I think that the real discussion isn't on the merit of pop, or even the classification of pop, but on the concept of writing and performing music that you specifically gear towards a demographic for the purpose of making money (and this can be any genre). It all goes back to the sub-conversations of audience age and commercial art/music. Which means maybe we shouldn't be talking "pop" but "commercial music" instead.
The point is that pop artists create music for a specific demographic and are trying to make money instead of an artistic statement. While personally I don't use music to make money, as its a hobby for me, I do feel like a professional composer/songwriter needs to make money and the best way to do that is catering to what your audience will want. I don't think music is bad just because it is successful or intended for a particular audience. I think that's just good business... I also don't think music is good just because its artistic or different... a lot of experimental or "artistic" music written from the "heart" or "soul" can be complete crap.
others may feel that music should ALWAYS be an artistic expression of the soul and if they're successful with it then good for them if they aren't then they don't care because they're making their music from the heart.. I've always been more pragmatic then that which is why i "sold out" and became a commercial artist... and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

And yeah that girl at john's work is probably really uptight (obviously) but also she's probably got some weird kink going on in her head if she saw the women AND some phallus that none of us perverts saw.
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