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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
OMG John, I thought you were kidding! I thought your tale of being hauled up before the powers that be was too absurd to be real. Wow, I'm sorry for that. Next time I'll put in a warning.

This says a great deal about your workmate, who has SPECTACULARLY failed the inkblot test (or passed it, depending on your worldview).

Yes, time lends a certain extra dignity to things. A junk pop song today will be seen in an entirely different light in 100 years' time, assuming our infrastructure survives all the stuff going on at the moment.
lol............sad to say that my comment regarding the depth of my predicament at any given moment is entirely correct. However, as a position, I am comfortable with that. No need for any warnings......I rather like the idea of living dangerously at the work station..:)

Just as a matter of information, what should one have seen to be labelled anything other than a psycopath????
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