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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by thelimpingtoad View Post
Anyway... i don't want to derail this thread again... just thought i'd write back about the "inkblot". And give my sympathy to John... poor guy... just looking at drummerworld and got in trouble... that's why my monitor faces AWAY from everyone else. :)
LOl..........As they say, always in the sh*t, merely the depth varies. I must admit, I didnt see a phallic symbol, but I regard the young girl who did in a different light now!!!
Getting back to the concept of pop music, what defines it?
Deltadrummer thinks that Bartok is not necessarily pop music. However, at a Bartok recital, the attendees are presumably Bartok fans, and hence Bartok is "popular" amongst that sample group. Is the Carmina Burina the classical equivalent of Pollyanna's example of "Tie a yellow ribbon"? I enjoy classical music, (wish that bloke at the front would sit down and stop waving the chopstick around. Cant see the bird with the small guitar under her chin. She's hot and I know she wants me!!!)
Is pop music characterised by poor musicianship? Would anyone suggest that the likes of YoYo Ma, Nigel Kennedy, Vanessa Mae, and others are poor musicians? Yet they are attempting to bring classical music to a wider audience.
Is pop music characterised by cheesy lyrics? Annie Lennox, Lilly Allen can chrurn out fairly adequate social commentary.

So pop music is difficult to classify. Do we need to? Enjoy it or not at ones own discretion.

Just my 2c worth.

Have a good day one and all.
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