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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Either there wasn't much to get out of my previous post or you would badly fail The Rorschach Test .... or maybe a combination of both :)

Tell me, what do you see here in this inkblot:
Oh that's bad.. haha.. no i didn't see the phallac symbol either... but it looks like the women have skulls hanging over their heads... what does THAT mean?! Should i be worried?
I think really though I was just in an "odd" (perverse?) mood yesterday morning... heh heh... Sorry about the crude response.
Anyway... i don't want to derail this thread again... just thought i'd write back about the "inkblot". And give my sympathy to John... poor guy... just looking at drummerworld and got in trouble... that's why my monitor faces AWAY from everyone else. :)
I neither limp nor am i a toad. :)
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