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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Oh, I didn't see the phallic symbol. Judging by your response it appears you have histrionic personality disorder (it's all those exclamation marks!!!) but it's ok cos you're a drummer and if it's good enough for Keith, who are we to quibble about being a tad mental? That's my excuse, anyway. The workmate who looked over your shoulder has issues too. :)

Don, Baby's On Fire is a pretty poppy number, really. Catchy, has a beat, decries media destructive sensationalism and/or the cult of celebrity. Replace the edgy backing with a cool drum machine beat and a few stae-of-the-art synth sounds and you have a pop song :)
This has been gone over, but to me pop is not top 40. Pop was easy listening with a back beat, ala Tony and Orlando and Dawn as you said, but a better example to me would be the likes of the Fifth Dimension. I'm not sure what a current example might be, maybe Celene Dion? Thank God for satellite radio. lol

Anyway, I never would have put Baby's on Fire in the pop catagory if for no other reason then it's too raw.
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