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Default Re: Todays Local Paper, Music Dropped

Originally Posted by justjim View Post
I guess there are a couple of senses of "private"

"private" as in 'not related to the state'
"private" as in "limited to the individual"

private doesn't have to be private : "non-state" instruction doesn't have to be "limited to the individual"

Not only can we teach, but we can also pick up slack in other ways -- donation of equipment, technical assistance (instrument maintenance, site maintenance, admin, etc).
There can also be a "teaching assistant" role -- esp with ensemble type situations, hving the ability to send an assistant instructor to help this person or that group can free a teacher to take special attention (with those having special problems, with those advancing at a high rate...whatever)
there's also monetary support

So don't discount your potential to contribute - even if you feel you aren't capable of instruction, there's plenty to be done!


Man, as for the larger perspective - It's tough, I hate to see any educational program cut. Arts, humanities, phys ed, the sciences -- I find value in all of it ( my personal experience with public education was...complicated)
Honestly, I don't have a clue about where to start, and I'm not one to shy away from helping. I'm now taking a hiatus from helping and working with the VA for the last couple of years. Burn out and anger's a bad combination.
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