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Default Re: Todays Local Paper, Music Dropped

I too have thought about teaching privately, but I don't think I have it in me - yet. I'd like a lot more experience and I really need to get better in some aspects of drumming, like paradiddles and paradiddlediddles, etc.

When I was much younger I had 2 really fine drum teachers, and a few that were not fine, so to speak.

This was so pitiful when it happened and I still view it as totally unprofessional today, but waaaay back when I was in school and taking private lessons, I was referred to a music teacher who was trying to double as a drum instructor on the side to make quick $$. The guy didn't have a drum set and claimed his snare drum "was being repaired". I was about 11 or so and we sat cross legged on a piano bench facing each other with a old piece of rubber on phone books substituting as a practice pad in between us. He set a beginning snare drum book on the piano and we looked at that while he played and taught. He'd play, then I'd play, he'd play, then I'd play. My mom sat out in the car for 30 minutes waiting while he "taught". Maybe two or three weeks of this flake continued until my parents caught on that he didn't know jack about drumming and angrily discontinued the "lessons".

I don't want to be THAT guy posing as a drum "teacher", so I'll wait. Maybe I'll never teach, but I'm not going to be half-assed about it the way that idiot was years ago. Looking back, I'm surprised he was even referred, unless he gave kickbacks to whoever referred him.
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