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Default Re: Todays Local Paper, Music Dropped

So sad... without the school band and arts programs I probably never would have become a hobby drummer or a professional artist... wow... what a sad state we're living in these days... why not pay-for-play band too? i mean obviously you'd have a much smaller ensemble... but it would offset the cost for the schools...
I hate how the arts are always getting pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities and a lot of times it seems like sports get promoted so far ahead... what's the deal with that? I guess its all $ but its sad...
I mean they used to pump so much money into my old school's football team and pay for weight rooms and stuff but so much of the band's budget had to come from parents and fund-raising... just sad.

And let;'s not forget the benefits of extra-curricular activities for students... i would guess that its especially bad in inner-cities.. .but kids without stuff to do get in more trouble and probably don't do as well in school. My parents MADE me have an allotted amount of time of extra-curricular activies and I think it really helped me become the person i am today. (They were also always really supportive of the activities i was involved in)
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