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Default Re: Todays Local Paper, Music Dropped

The only way to combat the dropping of the arts in our schools is to remind the school boards who they work for. Make sure you attend school board meetings (you don't have to be a parent, you are a tax payer)...

As a drummer who also started in 4th grade AND the proud dad of a daughter who is now a middle school band director and high school marching band director, it is crucial to take back control of the schools.

To much effort on making sure the kids can pass standardized tests (if they are taught properly they can) and too much effort on politically correct topics.

Losing the arts at young, eager to learn ages is an absolute tragedy...

Get involved, speak your minds and do what you can to keep music in the schools.

These and all replies on this post speak volumes! My ex is a public school music teacher / choral director at the elementary / primary school-leval in Texas, and complains of this a lot.

Gradually the music budgets are being lowered and less and less emphasis is placed on music, art, etc. What once was a free program - parents had to only pay for the instrument - usually rented at a very discounted rate, now have to pay for everything: funds for the sheet music, equipment, uniforms, etc. etc. etc.

The city's dynamics are changing from anglo and caucasian to Hispanic and Asian and more and more money is diverted to ESL programs, remedial reading, special ed and such. What gets cut first? Music and Art. Then female.sports, then men's golf, swimming, and rodeo (we're in Texas). It's a sad trend and very counterproductive to education.
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