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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by thelimpingtoad View Post
I agree there... i think that a good groove is very important... and if you compose a good groove and sequence it, it will still be a good groove even if its not played by a live drummer... the problem is, as the good dr. strangelove pointed out, that most hip-hop, r&b rap and other pop genres that use sequencing for drums usually don't have a good musician programming the loops.
I hear you guys ( and MFB ), but man there is something about quantization that puts me off. I don't know, maybe its the cookie cutter approach or whatever.
I use Logic Platinum sometimes when working some of my demos, and even though the quant function program is flexible enough to quant the track in many many ways, its still lacks life..

I realize this is a very personal POV.. not that I dont love some of programmed tracks out there...

what was the point I was making? ... never mind this post.

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