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Default Re: Todays Local Paper, Music Dropped

It's a great shame. I've seen this happening more and more in England as well, particularly at University. My University have been cutting funds to Music for a few years now and the department (which used to specialise in early music) have been struggling to get the numbers. The standard is still very high - of those that attend - but the quality of funding and lecturing has subsided somewhat.

My issue there is a social one. At a grass roots level, kids do one of two things to keep themselves out of trouble whilst growing up. Sports and arts. Any of the arts, be it dance, drama, art itself and indeed music are vital to any society to grow. Sports are the same. They offer an entirely self-serving purpose that satisfies and rewards and without that basis, you're going to create a demographic time bomb. Making sports 'pay to play' makes the issue even worse - because then only the rich kids can do it and usually you will find that those that need these kinds of schemes far more are those who cannot afford to pay for it. This is the same for music with private teachers.

If this carries on, in ten years we will have some serious, serious social issues.
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