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Originally Posted by Redhead
What type of heads would give me a sound simler to travis barker. I dont know many other drumers, but Blink 182 is basicly my favorit band.(please dont come here to flam me him or there music) Some other bands I like are AC DC, ZZ Tops, Green Day, Santania, Deep purple, U2, NOFX, Wezzer, Maticalica(Sp?) and many more.

Any sugestions of heads / tuning are welcomed. If it is posable I want to only change my batter heads.

Thank you,
Deeper toms (Barkers are acryllic, no?) with 2 ply clear heads tuned low. You can't possible get the sound of all those bands you mentioned, since there are some really varying drum sounds in there.

Sounds like you are a candidate for Remo Pinstripes though, for sure.
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