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Default Re: as the decade comes to a close. so do tapes

Most of my cassettes became worn and stretched out long ago, so I tossed them all.
It hurt a little bit, but their was no point in keeping them, they were all too far gone.

I still have a few select vinyl records, which are more kept because they're rare (like an original printing of Tommy with the 3 fold out cover) or autographed.

I have a large CD collection.

I've tried moving to the digital age. I finally got an ipod because there are almost no CD stores anymore, and I hate paying $10 extra in import fees for a disc from Europe when the download price is the same as a domestic release.

But I'm starting to hate downloading albums, because I don't have the liner notes. If I want to look up which studio, the albums was recorded in, or who played drums on the track, if they used a guest musician, who wrote what, none of that exists in a download. Not to mention no art work. It feels very incomplete just having the mp3.

But I admit loading a bunch of CDs onto my ipod is a nifty way to take a bunch of music in the car.
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