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Default Re: Another SMALL kit from TheAnalogKid

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
Does theanalogkid like pearl exports? Does the pope shit in the woods?!
I've played them for 10 years, between my first kit, the kit at the school, and this current kit. I'm actually kind of pissed about the shoddy treatment that the 2005 Exports got! They canceled the line because the Forum and Exports were essentially the same kit; not to mention the exotic wraps not selling.

The biggest mistakes they made was changing from metal to wood hoops on the kicks and going from a steel to a poplar shell snare. I wish I would have saved my 2000 Export snare, because the 2005 model didn't cut it, so I converted into it a 14"x5" tymp-tom.

I like the Vision series, and the nice thing is, I can buy Vision VX model rack and floor toms and they are 100% sound compatible to the Exports.

For my next kit, If I were to gig with a 5 piece, I'd like to get the Vision XBX birch line. Of course, money aside the Reference are sweet if you don't have to carry them yourself!
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