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Default Re: Hardest instruments to play

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
I'm with you on this...different things are difficult to different minds. Our bodies are all capable of playing the instruments, it's just a matter of instructing them correctly, and that's true for any instrument equally.
Some instruments are easier than others to learn. Mastery is a different thing altogether. How easy is it to be vageuly functional, to produce a vaguely pleasing sound? With keyboards, drums, blues harp and recorder the sounds are right there. Coaxing good sounds out of reed instruments, especially double reeds, is not easy. Violin is evil in the hands of a layperson, like running fingernails down a blackboard

Then you have the next level - trying to be functional enough to play tunes. That's where harp is insane with the pedal and trying to work out where your hands are in free space and the pedals would be hard to get the hang of, like the steel guitar Curly talked about. Wind instruments that need extra air pressure to get the octaves are hard to control when you want higher notes.

People talk about how hard the coordination aspect of drumming is but there are plenty of rock drummers making a good living out of it who don't have true limb independence, but have just worked out some four-limb patterns.
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