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Default Re: Ever wanted to hear a Drummer on Bass?

LOL - how many bass players have you ever seen that can break a G string like that? Actually Louis besides playing with the Brothers Johnson, Quincy Jones, and George Duke (yes, Frank Zappa's George Duke), was the bass player on a number of Michael Jackson's songs.

He was known as a human metronome, and Quincy said he never needed a click when playing with Louis because his timing was perfect.

This is the song that he did back in the day that caught my attention as a drummer:

And here is a great bass cover of that song where you can hear the real poly-rythmic nature of the song, with the bass, drums, bongos, and rythm guitar all complimenting, but not running over each other. His solo is nothing like Louis', but the guy does most of the song pretty good:

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