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Just purchased this old KB/BB Supra snare drum from e-bay which was bought with the explicit intention of converting it into a super sensitive drum (already have a p70 SS strainer for it ready to go), but the shell is a disaster since according to posted pics and seller's own description most of the chrome plating has flaked off--is going to require a lot of work to prep for eventual wet sanding and buffing so wind up looking something like my '66 Acro snare.

Anyway, the pros of this purchase are that allegedly the rims are COB (want them for the '66 Ludwig 6.5" super sensitive if they indeed turn out to be chrome plated brass hoops), has a well preserved Keystone badge, and both basebat muffler's lever and white felt muffler appear to be in excellent shape too (could sell them in e-bay and make more than what originally paid for the drum but won't).

The one essential aspect for a successful outcome is knowing the size and placement pattern measurements of the center rod bushings' holes--same goes for the throw-off mechanism's mounting holes (am praying that the existing p83 strainer's and butt end plate's hole pattern match those of the the p70 so that the swap can be accomplished with the least amount of fuzzing and effort, but will drill new ones if the need arises)--something that am not privy to.
Can anyone here provide me with those direly needed measurements? Will immensely appreciate any help with this situation. Thanks!...

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