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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs's good to hear all of this.

Recently one of the bands I am in got invited to play a really good adult venue with a great stage, sound, lighting, etc. I'm not sure how we got this because we aren't that well known yet and it's not a mid-week try-out / performance of new bands. We got a good Friday time slot.

I mentioned this gig (kind of excitedly) to my recently-turned 17 year old daughter. She mentioned she wants to come see me perform. I told her that would be cool, she can be my roadie or drum tech as I'm sure I could probably get her in as she looks older than 17. (They all do nowdays, along with the bodies to go with it, much to my unapproving fatherly foresight!)

She casually mentioned she would meet me there later to see me go on and play as she was SURE she could get a fake ID.

Great....Dad....the place serves alcohol and the legal drinking age in Texas is 21 now. Not to mention all the dudes there looking and "on the hunt" so to speak.

I miss the days when they were 5 and innocently playing with Barbie dolls......
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