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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
I don't mean it is a bad thing. Just interesting. I think it's a reflection of the industry.
I figured you didn't. It is a reflection of the pop music industry, as any for profit venture seeks to replace humans with machines, based on cost savings alone. Can you blame them? Their mission is to maximize profits and cut costs. That said, I also think the frequency of robots on the drummer's throne has peaked many years ago and is falling into the genres where it is most suited. I don't like the way most producers program the music sequences to most pop music these days, not just percussion. It seems to get more elementary by the day, it seems. That's my comment on the pop music in general subject. Musical talent seems to be bowing out of pop music. I realize that programming can be quite difficult and extensive, like Mediocrefunkybeat mentions. I just don't think that modern pop music producers hire people the caliber of him to even lay down their sequences.
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