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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by wy hung
I think it's a reflection of the industry.
For sure. If you only need or want simple machine beats then you don't have to pay, feed, click or mic up a drummer. When machines were first making a serious mark on the scene in the 80s a lot of drummers were thinking, "OMG! We're doomed!".

I'm pleasantly surprised how much room in the scene there still is for drummers. There are fewer openings for live music now than when I was young but there are at least still some gigs to be had. There's something that feels so great about live music that the canned stuff can't provide, and not just the visuals.

That's where you get a lot of the non-pop music because pop is usually less satisfying played live than blues, rock, RnB, soul, blues, jazz etc. If a pop song is well-written then can be fantastic. But live, if the sound and playing aren't really spot on live pop can come across as dully one-dimensional - lacking energy, dynamics and texture.

More power to good live music!

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