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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
They are usually feeble attempts at syncopations that are very elemental in structure (nothing like the wonderful rythms that came out of Motown) and the sound samples are often comical and cartoonish. Snoop often has a human drummer - compare some of his music to say, Lil Wayne. I believe that most drum tracks on the current pop music scene are made by people who have little to no musical background, and are indicative of cost cuts driven by producers. If they want to drive the quality of music completely in the crapper, so be it - the whole pop music industry has been heading that way for quite awhile.
I have heard a few of these rappers have been going to rock instrumentation and considering themselves rockers now... some of it actually doesn't sound terrible. Its kind of an odd concept that a rapper would turn rocker. the vocals are still the rap style stuff but over an electric guitar, drums, and bass...
I agree about the problem with drum tracks sequenced by people with little to no musical background... but that fits into my 90% crap theory... occasionally you may find a singer or whoever programs the beats, that makes interesting rhythms but that is very infrequent.
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