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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by thelimpingtoad View Post
Agreed... the hip-hop beats are usually either over-simplified and odd or would require 4 hands and 4 feet to play on a kit.
A lot of rap and hip-hop have these akward snare/bass beats they put in them that not only don't sound good but are very immature beats. It probably goes along with the genre since those same "artists" sing about their hoes and busting caps in people...
I think the point that someone made earlier is the best I've seen in this thread, it all comes down to the maturity of the intended audience... hannah montana and boy bands are great music to 13 year old girls... but the more emotionally and mentally mature audiences should be listening to stuff more age-appropriate. but really when it comes down to it even a lot of bands that play music for older audience still play crap instead of good music.
They are usually feeble attempts at syncopations that are very elemental in structure (nothing like the intricate poly-rythmic stuff that used to come out of Motown) and the sound samples are often comical and cartoonish. Snoop often has a human drummer - compare some of his music to say, Lil Wayne. I believe that most drum tracks on the current pop music scene are made by people who have little to no musical background, and are indicative of cost cuts driven by producers. If they want to drive the quality of music completely in the crapper, so be it - the whole pop music industry has been heading that way for quite awhile.

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