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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
That's more like it! That track is definitely of the time, but you can tell where you were coming from with the rhythm and synth work. Actually, it's pretty good. Have you gotten hold of Aphex Twin's 'Ambient '85-'92' album? I think you might like it.
Thx MFB. Yes, the rhythm track in Bazo Gonda sounds much nicer. Three Sisters was overly ambitious and I would have needed a much better machine and also spent plenty of time time with the subtleties to make it work.

I hadn't heard Aphex Twin before and just found Heliosphan on YouTube. I would have liked the beat to be more laid back for late night listening but it's all well done.

Just checking out some more of their stuff now and it's pretty creative. Ta for the recommendation :)

Umm, LT and Doctor, I must confess that I quite like a lot of the programmed hip hop beats I hear ... just not so keen on the topping.
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