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Originally Posted by charlyivan View Post
i am 15, and iv been listening to music ever since i can remember, iv been playing drums for only about a year and Lars Ulrich and Joey Jordison are 2 people that really turned me into drumming. it was joey who first shown me what a double bass pedal was, when i first saw it, i was stunned, and ever since i saw him using it, iv always wanted to buy one, but i cant get the money of ma mum. When i saw him do his solo on the disasterpiece dvd in London, he stepped it up another notch in my eyes, i hope to see them in england this december. If anyone could give me any tips on drumming, i will be happy to read them. Thanks


Well here's my little joey thoughts, since somehow his name comes up in every drum conversation with some people. I hate slipknot, I can't stand the sound of it a lot of the time, especially the singer. I have so much respect for all of them but the singer though, they are all extremely talented, just their brand of music is not my preference.

I think Joey is a great drummer but people give him all the wrong praise. I am as fast as Joey, (though nowhere near as good) so is all of Norway's metal scene, soare all the thrashers and a ton of the death metal guys. Having chops that can go at 250+ is just an industry standard in the extreme metal genres. What makes him good is that he has this mixed style that sets him apart from all those other guys. It irks me that people call him a speed demon because it means they've probably overlooked all of the creativity he put into his drumming, it irks me when people call me a speed demon and ignore all the intricate stuff like the catches, the counter rhythms, the timbre of a part, etc. It's like all anyone can recognize is "wow that guy used a metronome when he was learning."

Then you get all the guys who bash him because he is not the fastest in the genre... no he's not, but that's not what makes him good.

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