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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

My girl does her best to make it to every show she can, but I don't think I could EVER let her fully help set up.

The first time she saw me with one of my bands, she was there for all the moving and prepping etc. So we're out at my other 2 bands' shared practice space, and I am picking things off my kit that I want to use. I hand her my 10in A custom splash and she fumbled it a few seconds later. Luckily, there was carpet on the ground, she was sitting down, and the splash was such a light cymbal it didn't have too much weight to break itself on.

I love her, and will forever, but I love my equipment too, and I am very glad that she's strong enough to hold a couple cymbal stands at once. <3

Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
My girflriend is at all my gigs!...since it's my right hand :(. Seriously though, you are lucky.
If I were in your shoes I could "fingertip control" my girl 500 times a minute in perfect rhythm!

For the record, I would probably get slapped if she read this. Yay for internet anonymity!

9 years of blasturbation.

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