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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
It has got to the point that in some genres, metal being a good example, post-production editing of drums is so extensive that you can achieve almost exactly the same effect by programming the drums using all samples. That's a big shame as far as I'm concerned.
Some bands are more organic-sounding than others. If I don't much like something I listen to something else; there's still plenty of good music out there, old and new. I guess I listen to a lot of old stuff because I'm old :(

Drum machines made a huge mark on the scene from the 80s. In terms of precision they have set the bar higher but in terms of feel, lower. Still, I find that music with less organic-sounding drumming is often less appealing music anyway so I don't care if the songs loses out through having mechanistic percussion.

I might be a biased, though, since I was growing up just before drum machines (as replacement for a drummer) came on the scene.
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