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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Originally Posted by rritter View Post

The Special Addition kits are a package kit with the add on drum. The drums are the same Force 3007’s as the ones with the 3007 badge. This comes straight from Sonor back when I bought my kit. Put Remo Emps on the toms and a PS 3 or Evans EQ 4 on the bass and an Ambassador on the snare and you will hear a wonderful difference. The stock heads sound good but with these heads you will hear a whole new drum kit. I’ve been playing since 1964 (yea I’m old) and this is one of the best kits I’ve owned or played period.
I figured it was something kinda silly like that without too much of a difference, thanks for clarification.

I've got a Melody Master for my snare and honestly was surprised how similar the two snares sounded even once I tuned up the Sonor one with the stock head on it. I still prefer my Melody Master (plus you can't beat the 3-way throwoff) but I might one day put some new heads on that snare and tuned it up just to see how they compare.

I was planning on doing coated over clear Ambassadors on the toms and a PS3 batter/Ported PS3 reso anyways with no muffling.

The fact these drums sound awesome even with stock heads is making me wonder how much more I'll fall in love with these once I put all new heads on them and tune them up.... :3
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