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Default Another SMALL kit from TheAnalogKid

Looking back at the two kits I've posted I've on this site (the 360* and the "little" kit) I decided to post my Jungle Kit on here. It's been awhile since I've posted anything on here. Unfortunately, I was laid off last summer and had to sell a section of my gear.


Kick - 2000 Pearl Export 16"x16" FT (converted to jungle kick)
Snare - Pork Pie 12"x5" Snare (Maple)
Tom - 2005 Pearl Export 13"x10" Rack Tom (Suspended)

12" Meinl Generation X Johnny Rabb Jungle Hats
8" Meinl Classics Medium Bell
12" Meinl Generation X Filter China/10" Meinl Generation X Filter China (As a stack)
21" Meinl Byzance Dark Ride

Kick - Remo Clear Powerstrike 3 [Batter] // Remo Ebony Ambassador [Resonant]
Snare - Remo Coated Ambassador [Batter] // Remo Ambassador Snare Side [Resonant]
Tom - Remo Clear Emperor [Batter] // Remo Clear Ambassador [Resonant]

Vater Power 5A Wood Tip

As always, If you post a question, I'll gladly answer it. Thanks for looking

"Savage" Sausage Mahoney
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My 360* kit
My "Jungle kit"
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