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Default Re: Anyone here play violin?

Funny you should ask...I was just thinking out loud with my 11 year old daughter over ice cream the other night. We were talking about music and she is starting 6th grade and is going to play flute in beginner band. I mentioned casually I'd like to learn to play another instrument besides drums.

I wrote off guitar since there are 10 times the number of guitar players as drummers. And EVERYONE is an expert, LOL.

Same with Keys. There are plenty of folks around who play keys. I then mentioned Violin, since most good violin players are rare and very hard to find. Also, it' a cool instrument that has tons of different playing sytles. Rock, symphonic and classical, c and w, bluegrass. And I believe there is a HUGE difference (please correct me if I am wrong) between violin playing nad "fiddle" playing.

Can you make any recommendations on a decent type of violin to buy as a second instrument, reasonably priced I could get? And some good beginning or instructional videos? Understand, I know nothing about the violin but would love to learn it. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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