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I am not surprised 20k.. nice.

Having drum sets up to my ears here at home, has made me think about unloading the kits that are not being used much.. has no bearing on finances usually, and more on storage space.

Dave Weckl is one of the more important master drummers that have added to our collective "vocabulary". This puts him in an entirely different league with the likes of Tony, Elvin, Jack, Vinnie, Gadd, Bonham, Purdie, and many more who have developed a personal style and vocabulary that became so attractive and popular we "all" have a little bit of them in us. It is hard not to find a little of these guy's DNA in an accomplished drum set player.
How many of you have an 8" tom or 2 that you bought because Dave used one? I know I do. I am sure that 20k will by a nice new ProTools rig or muscle car:)
Check out some of Dave's new music/playalongs. I just bought one. I got a pdf, QT mov, full track and track w/o drums. 4.99 . (remember "sharing" is stealing)...great stuff as usual from DW.
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