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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Rosanna was a pop song. I am currently teaching that groove to about 6 students.

I realised some years ago that most people only like music. Some simply tolerate it while others give it no thought at all. What we as musicians miss is the understanding of the public's general lack of interest.

Sometimes too I am tired and just want to hear something light. Mostly I listen to world music and it is amazing. There's a great deal of choice. But you know, many musicians I have known have had the most limited taste of any people I have met. If a style does not fit into their idea of what is cool, most just close their ears. Especially the least experienced musicians.
I'm no great fan of Rosanna but, like most drummers, I was impressed with Jeff Porcaro's version of the Purdie shuffle.

I think the breadth of our tastes stems from exposure, personality, peer group shared values, and our hunger for music.

I see music like I see food. It's one of the joys of life and something to enjoy, so I love a LOT more music (and food) than I hate. There's even more music that I don't feel passionate about either way. For the most part I don't see much reason to actively dislike any music; it's just music written for people who aren't like me. As long as it makes someone happy, cool. I draw the line at Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree, though, because it traumatised me in childhood :)

Doctor S, IMO the problem isn't that musicians are prostituting their art for record companies so much as there are people who want that music and record companies are always second-guess the majority's taste and looking for the safe option.

So there's always been this unhealthy feedback loop between the companies and the public that inevitably spirals down further into the LCD. Let's hope the web keeps putting a spoke in the works to open the scene up a bit.

Pop stardon doesn't always work out:

One bad decision by an ambitious young man who loved singing based on the advice of his manager and look how it turned out.

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