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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Doctor, you raised Picasso as an example of someone with artistic freedom. He was not "pop" but progressive for his day. Maybe the equivalent of Jimi Hendix (?) - different, strong technique, forward-thinking and original. He was too good to be controlled; why control something that people are already excited about?

So I chose bands that also enjoyed that freedom.
Well that is pretty much my point as well. Pop art to Impressionists might equate to all the cheap copies of Whistler's Mother that hit the market to end up in people's dining rooms in the 1900s. And if we want to really draw a parallel to today's pop music producers, we must further prostitute the art to the point of cropping out everything in the painting beyond the subject because it is an "unecessary waste of space", with no commercial value. Imagine Picasso or Van Gogh allowing that to happen. I cannot picture Page or Hendrix allowing one of their songs to be carved up ala Rolling Stones or Beatle standards. Zappa? Ha ha ha - that's just entertaining to think about
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