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Default Re: Rules? What Rules?

Originally Posted by Ironcobra View Post
I'm going to guess and say that 25% of people have only signed on maybe once, and that only 30%-40% sign on regularly. That cuts the numbers down a lot, too.
my thoughts exactly. There is a small "hardcore" of members that posts very frequently, there are people that read a lot (myself included) and post not that much. I've read the rules when I joined, but it had to be pointed out to me later that topics about religion are not very welcome on this forum, wich is very sensible. But to be banned you have to really mess things up and act like a big baby I think.

What I love about the forum is that the mods read EVERYTHING and almost never visibly moderate, so everything stays clean. Stupid threads just disappear, get closed quickly. It's all very clear how far we can go and where the boundries are. It's like music, we have the timesignature, the tempo etc. All we have to do is play the notes.

(I feel very philosophic tonight)
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