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Default Re: Pop Music in General

This is an interesting thread. I see it from different points.

For the musician there is always a need to pay the bills. Many I know will play 'commercial' gigs to pay the bills and use that money to pay for their real passion. Similar to Ferret working to pay the bills then indulging in his passion. A lot of 'pop' bands also play/write different music away from their day job.

For most of the public 'popular music' is background music. Something simple to sing or hum along to whilst washing up or driving. I have no real dislike of popular music. For me anything that gets people discussing the merits of music is a good thing.

My Son's first band crush was 'Right Said Fred' and then to cap it off 'The Spice girls'. I didn't condemn his choice though because it was an interest in music, of whatever flavour, and that interest has grown into an appreciation of lots of different types of music. I started off with an odd mix of chart, rock and brass band music!!

I don't like Jazz. Never have understood it and never liked it but I won't condemn it because it gives people an interest in music and you never know one day I might get that revelation and learn how to appreciate it. So for me this thread is proof that pop music is a necessity in getting people interested in music whatever it's condition or quality. What we should be talking about is how to get people more interested and involved in music rather than musicians bashing away at each other to prove musical superiority.
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