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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Oh, I so very much disagree with that. It seems that you're just trying to show how hip you are with a statement like that, no offense. Why is it a problem if someone doesn't like John Coltrane, if they find his music meaningless? I find many things meaningless that the vast majority of people place great importance on and I don't think I have a problem.
"Got no soul?" Nah. They just don't like it, that's all. It's not a problem that people like what they like unless you make it one. Just don't go there, don't eat at Chili's or Burger King, don't watch reality TV, don't buy Lady Gaga records, don't look at MTV and don't buy your clothes at Old Navy or the Gap. Easy. Maintaining high standards in your life is just as easy if it matters enough. But the first thing to do is not give a damn about what the "hoi polloi" are doing. Which is hard to do when you're in traffic with them.
The point is to make your own life what you want it to be, to only let into your life what you want there. None of my friends, my non-musician friends, really give a damn about music one way or the other, and that even goes for some of the musicians I know, but I don't have any problem with that and I very much doubt that John Coltrane did either.

Are you kidding me with this? Just wanting to be hip? There's nothing 'hip' about liking a 50 year old jazz recording by one of the great jazz ensembles. Maybe it was hip in '64. I don't know why I should justify this with a response.
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