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Default Re: Pop Music in General


It is all around us, not just in music. Its this monster that tells you what to wear, what to eat and how to look and ends up with what to listen to.

And when commercial and media interests align themselves to this all powerful juggernaut, there's no stopping it and it permeates pretty much the whole world.

The 'In- Things', Reality TV, processed food, the Hollywood blockbusters served up like pancakes every summer, fitting into size 0 Ed Hardys and other such trivial pursuits is what sadly defines millions of innocents aspiring for a sense of identity and self worth.

Thankfully, the news isn't all bad because on either side of this flood, there have always been gutters that run rich with the nutrients of our creativity, morality, our conscience that fulfill and satiate our basic desire and innate need for what is special and beautiful in this world.

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