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Default Re: Pop Music in General

I lost all interest in popular culture a long time ago. Lowest common denominator and all that. It's just not interesting. It's crass, base and, well, ignoble. To me pop music is the Fox news of music.
Look around you. Pop culture is everywhere, it's pretty much all there is. America is all about pop culture. I just spent two weeks in New York and it isn't any different there.
But since that's the way it is you're left with the choice of what to do with yourself in this tacky culture of ours. You just have to make your peace with the reality that in order to keep from starving you will definitely play drums on some really crappy music, you will and don't kid yourself. The strange thing is that in order to do that you have to be a really good drummer because there are tons of drummers who want those kinds of gigs.
As to all these bands and entertainers, I don't know anything about them, nor do I care, any more than I care about American Idol or professional wrestling.
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