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Default Re: Pop Music in General

So i just thought of something that i feel is very relavent to this discussion...
I am a web designer/developer... i started as an artist and decided to persue commercial art as my occupation. The fields of music and art are inter-related as they are both forms of art, so is dance and theater etc. So i guess the thing is, do you consider commercial art the same way you consider pop-music? I mean do you criticize commercial photographers, graphic designers, movie/tv actors and web designers and say they aren't true artists because they chose to be successful at their jobs? I mean i could be a flat-broke fine-artist or i could be a moderately succesful commercial artist... yes i have to sell-out some sense of artistic integrity but at the end of the day i know i did my job and made money doing it.
In an ideal world people wouldn't have to sell-out artistic integrity due to monetary concerns but this in the real world you often have to do that.
Its like someone said before, money is what makes the world go round... people have bills to pay, mortgages, education and tons of other needs that being "artistic" just won't cover.

Now all that being said, i will also reiterate my earlier point... i feel like 90% of music (and art) is complete crap and there will be a few gems of truly good stuff in all genres. If you use the amount of crap found in any genre as a metric you'll pretty quickly be able to say that all genres are bad. I don't think that we can say that pop is bad because there is a lot of crap in it... if you look back historically at music you'll see the same thing in all genres across all times... the difference is that pop-music is on the radio now so we hear all of the crap along with the good stuff, and the classics stations have already weeded out a lot of the garbage.
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