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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Here's where it all started:

another good one:

Isn't what you are talking about really progressive metal or metal jazz fusion rather than heavy metal? Not that genre labels are really that important. It's either good of it's not; and if it's good, it is probably not that easy to classify.
Ken, I'd say prog metal has at least as much to do with the below songs as those of Jolly John's Frantic Virtuosos or Chick's Hyperactive Speed Kings:

I prefer this side of KC and the Sunshine Band (below) 'cos I'm not a metal chick, but I love them in all their bizarro diversity :) (if you're impatient with this one, just skip to 3:23, settle back, and marvel at their brilliance)

PS. Aydee, maybe if you make playing BJ sound as thought it's something subversive?? Hope he doesn't read this or the cover's blown ...
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