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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Here's where it all started:

another good one:

Isn't what you are talking about really progressive metal or metal jazz fusion rather than heavy metal? Not that genre labels are really that important. It's either good of it's not; and if it's good, it is probably not that easy to classify.

Essentially, my point with that post is that like jazz, "metal" is an umbrella genre with a million different sects under it, so it shouldn't be written off for it's mainstream facets like numetal and metalcore, which suck.

I call it tech-prog metal, that's what the other bands who are kinda out there call it. That description was what my drum teacher classified us as.

Polly, I will die a fiery death and burn forever in hell before I stop to think that any of the mainstream cardboard cutouts deserve a shred of respect. I dare blink 182, green day, evanessence or any other confused pop band to actually be creative. In the 100% chance case that they won't, I WILL push myself to be creative and move music forward to the next generation, and if it means being poor and largely unrecognized, I'll settle for knowing I actually deserve every penny I get. It doesn't matter to me that there's a ton of competition for this job, I just want to see at least a few more of the right guys get the job, and the guys who aren't up to par at least admit they're lucky to have hordes of 15 year old daddy's girls to fuel their repetition.

9 years of blasturbation.
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