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Default Re: Pop Music in General

I don't have a problem with pop/commercial music/whatever. When I was young I had an almost identical attitude to Gusty and Ferret. It all seemed so unfair.

I spent most of the the 90s working in a scientific institution. There were senior scientists with doctorates, professorships and whatever - world authorites in their field. What they were paid was a pittance compared with many run-of-the-mill chartered accountants and lawyers.

They could complain about it but it was their choice to be scientists and not accountants or lawyers. They chose to follow their passion in a area that a lot of people were interested in.
Basically, if you do something as a job that people will do for free as a passionate interest like the arts or science, the competition for jobs is fierce; there's more people wanting to do the work than there are openings. It's supply and demand, so the best jobs give you the worst "bang for the buck" as compared with skills required.

Musos who move into the pop field may or may not gain the same pleasure in creation that uncommercial musos do, but they have different aims. They want to a Number One more than they want to make strong artistic statements. The only thing stopping brilliant musos from moving into commercial music is their own sense of priorities. If they wanted to play the game (and risk being called a sellout by peers) they could waltz into a commercial band. Many prefer to play music they love.

It sucks that the best things in life don't come easy because there's such a crowd clamouring for a slice, but that's how it is.
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