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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
If you listen to a lot of Bartok, Stravinsky and Elliot Carter, Heavy Metal is pop. What is pop? Is pop a genre? It only leads the way down to unanswerable questions.

Is Green Day really pop? How could Disturbed, Green Day, Brittany Spears and Hannah Montana all be pop? I guess if you listen to a lot of Bartok, they really don't sound that different. :)

Metal is the new jazz, it is in its infancy, but trust me, we're working with odd meters, exploring classical roots, unconventional song structure, playing musically and not egotistically.... metal is not pop, metalcore is, but magerine isn't butter either. Its a fine line between all the little subgenres and there is a mainstream aspect to it, as with any new genre. The underground metal scene is still learning where music came from before it decides where music is going, don't write it off yet, you'll be disappointed.

Green day is pop, that whole band is just a marketed image, there is NOTHING of substance in it, NOTHING creative, NOTHING original, NOTHING inspiring... I am really tired of whiny US kids going out and getting a few tats, and then thinking their punk singing in a fake British accent over a pop troupe. One day mr green day drummer, I will hopefully have the credibility to paste my face over yours on the zildjian poster that says "defining the bay area sound" at guitar center. If all else fails I'll paste another picture of tim alexander on top of it. Any kid with the first funky primer book can define the bay area sound by that logic, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmcommerci alized music industry. I'll be here to defend the artistic community from frauds and whores though. I just really hope these guys don't actually call themselves serious musicians, with all the recycling going on you'd think they were with greenpeace or something.

Here's how I define pop: Anything syrupy enough to be "leaked" from speakers rather than played. Anything infuriatingly generic, bland, and of course: unreasonably popular for no musically credible reason. Damn I bet I'd be a better drummer with a D cup. Anything that is an inferior reiteration of someone elses originally good idea. (Disturbed could get a rant of its own, that one interview where the guitarist claimed that all the negative feedback towards his music was because "he wasnt afraid to use "melodies" made me choke.) Anything that makes thoughts like these go through my head:

I whole heartedly hate pop music for everything that it sounds like, and everything it is. Nothing on the top 40 charts EVER requires more than 6 months of drumset experience and familiarity with a metronome. I hate that it all sounds the same, I hate that its all the same tempo, I hate that its all the same feel, that all the lyrics mean the same thing, the fact thats its all in 3 or 4, the fact that they get awards like "Best" album or artist when it should read "most popular"

I hate that most members of the public are too dumb not to get baited by some model run through a million different effects on a soundboard, I hate how condescendingly simple it is to listen to, and how theres nothing else you can do but sit and.....endure it while it plays. I hate that amazing talents are forced into sounding identical just to make ends meet. I hate that it has forced the top quality of musicians who did not have the lifestyles to be famous into mentalities like "Well, it is kinda weird to make music that everyone who hears thinks is revolutionary, but watch the legion of travis barkers get all the recognition from the young un's"

All in all, we need pop. I wouldn't be as inspired to deviate from whats been done before and experiment in styles that are reviewed as "psychedelic-latin-blast-funk" just to see what it sounds like.

9 years of blasturbation.

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