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Default My current setup

Hi everybody,

New specs and pics in post 20

This is my current band setup:

Gretsch Catalina Maple
22" x 18" Bass
14" x 6" Snare
10" x 4" Homemade Piccolo tom
10" x 8" Tom
12" x 9" Tom
14" x 14" Floor
16" x 16" Floor

Snare: Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Coated over stock reso
Toms: Remo Emperor over stock reso
Bass: Stock heads

14" Paiste Alpha Medium Hats
14" Magic Brass Hats (are going to be cut down to 13" due to cracks)
8" Paiste Alpha Thin Splash
14" Paiste Alpha Medium Crash
16" Paiste Alpha Medium Crash
20" Paiste Alpha Full Crash

Mostly Gibraltar 5600 series
Hi hat stand on the right is a Basix
DW 4000 Double Pedal

Thanks for looking!!
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