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Default Re: To be great in the UK

There are no real shortcuts. It comes down to whether the band is good enough, or more importantly if your sound and image match the current fashion. I'd say more than anywhere in the world the UK industry is dependent on trend, and is highly ephemeral. You'll need to put in the hard work on the London 'toilet' scene, playing as many support slots in the little venues as you can. Places like the Dublin Castle and Camden Barfly are often visited by
A & R guys. If you settle in a provincial city, play regularly and get a big buzz going you might catch the attention of someone in the industry who'll come down from London and check you out. They then might invite you to London to play a venue or a showcase.
Catching the interest of an established manager is a quicker way of getting things moving, as they will have the contacts to make inroads.
Unfortunately, having ten thousand fans on your Myspace page will do absolutely nothing for you, getting out and playing the gigs with your strongest material and image is the only way foward. Best of luck, it can be a horrible and inforgiving industry. I'm almost tempted to recommend that you stay where you are and work at it in your home country.
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