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Yes Nicko's foot is something ....I think the tune you may be talking about is "The Wickerman"....16ths strong and steady.....decent bpm clip too!

Also since it's Maiden related.....I loved Clive as well, I always thought Clive had more memorable hooks and intros: Gangland, Run to the Hills intro and repeating run of the oddly placed 10" tom into the racks ...haha, The Prisoner, Ghengis Kahn, also the snare roll (singles) into the opening verse of Murders in the Rue Morgue to name a few....
Also many people think he played Wrathchild with two hands on the hats (16th notes) ...but was all right hand...needless to say the guys forearm had to be like Popeye's :)
I was surprised when I saw a video of them doing Wrathchild live at a wicked "brisk" tempo and there was Clive righthand only on the hats.

BUT I KNOW...Sorry ...I'm not hijacking the thread away from Nicko haha

Just ,making a point that while Clive had all those memorable hooky intros fills (and a bionic right arm)....Nicko will always have "Where eagles dare"...perhaps the most technical Maiden drum tune there is....well...I would say it's in my op easily the most difficult maiden tune. And Maiden like most bands play the songs a lot faster live (the ole' adrenaline) and the fact Nicko pulls off that crazy stuff on the bass drum is all the more impressive. I read somewhere that Live on Where eagles, Steve Harris wanted him to reinforce the bassline on some spots and asked him to consider adding a dbl pedal or another bassdrum. But Nicko said he wouldn't hear of he shed and shed on the 3 and 4 stroke figures til he had them at his disposal....and ALMOST effortless.But the poor guy had to pull off a full triplet (the 3 strokes) over and over and in a few spots I recall 4 strokes ! starting on the "a" of (a 1 + a ) ....consistantly. And let's not forget the Intro and the syncopated broken triplet ride pattern...... And if all that wasn't enuff....THEY OPENED with that tune.... :)

Great under-rated drummer.
sorry make that DRUMMERS !

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