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Default Re: To be great in the UK

presume you're talking about some sort of band/music act? Drum wise the magazines are 'Rhythm' and 'Drummer' there may be a couple of smaller publications also. If you're coming here to start out, try and make it in one major city first and get a good fan-base there to build on. Getting local radio stations should be fairly easy with a few gigs under your belts but you should try and get on stations like Kerrang and Xfm. Also Kerrang and NME magazine. Most major cities will have a popular 'new music dj' in manchester it's Clint Boon on Xfm. If you're playing with the big dogs though, Radio 1's Annie Mac and Zane Low always introduce new music and bands (they have a feature called 'In new music we trust'). As ever though the best way is to tour and do as many gigs as possible and do lots of promotion stuff.
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