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real name? Gail Lynes
age? 17 going on 56!! 8-)
how long been playing? 16 months
origin of user name? First initial/last name
top 5 drummers? Kenny Aronoff, Cindy Blackman, Billy Ward, Micky Curry, Mick Fleetwood
make of drumkit? Pacific
make of cymbal? Paiste (and 1 Zildijian)
where do you practice? Small basement bedroom
are you in a band/s? Fledgling band/jam group, "Flaky Pastry"
covers or originals? Covers
what style of music? Classic Rock
favourite take out food? Chocolate
country? Lichtenstein
one really odd fact about yourself? Was a biker chick for 5 years.
how did you start drumming? Saw Kenny Aronoff in action and decided "I want to do what that guy does" Besides, it's a little usual for a 54-year-old woman to take up drumming ... I like to be different!
Don't mess with the little lady drummer!!!

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